S1E6: Don’t Fudd Up Hunting Season

It is time to get your canines off the couch and back into shape, oil up your shotguns, and dig out your favorite animal urine cologne. Hunting season is here. As with anything involving the Department of Natural Resources, public and private property, hunting regulations can get a little tricky.  For that reason, in Episode 6 we tap the knowledge of GRL’s hunting guru, Scott Michels.

Scott would prefer to be sitting in a tree over sitting in front of bright lights, talking to a camera, but we drug him out of the woods from scouting his favorite turkey grounds to talk to us all about some basic hunting safety and hunting regulations that seem to trip people up every year. If your kill shot doesn’t quite kill what you are after and it wanders injured across and into private property that you do not have permission to hunt, what can, and can’t you do?  We answer this question and many more and the answers might surprise and/or upset you.

Dos and Don’ts with Donut wraps this episode up with a very practical fact pattern that any gun owner and/or renter will want answers to.  It involves a renter, an apartment, potential maintenance dudes, and of course, a gun.  Tune in and enjoy.