S1E7: MadDog N Muskets

The Second Amendment, guns, more guns, permitless carry, handguns, long guns, the list goes on with some special insight into what not to do as a man. Episode 7 features GRL’s newest fulltime team member, Madisyn “MadDog” Moorman.

Join us on this episode to explore what if anything has really changed with the adoption of Iowa’s permitless carry of firearms legislation. Why and how is MadDog qualified to drop this knowledge? You’ll have to tune in to find out but rest assured, our Tannerite duo knocks out some serious bullet points in this Episode. Targets of discussion include old and new gun laws. After permitless carry came into effect should training go out the window? Has this change been beneficial? The process and importance of filling out a firearm application – “The 4473.” Do you know the correct answer to these questions? As always, stay tuned for Dos and Dont’s with Donut. This episode takes a little bit of a strange twist into the world of jailhouse lawyers and pro bono legal services.