S1E9: Putting the G in GRL

No fee until we win. Millions recovered. It’s my money and I want it now. Money, money, money. In the legal world of personal injury cases, commonly referred to as “P.I.”, the traditional focus of the lawyers is on the almighty dollar. Is that GRL’s approach? Could there possibly be something more?

In Episode 9, Bobby sits down with one of GRL’s Founding Partners, Cory Gourley to look at personal injury work from a different, fresh perspective. Instead of focusing on the almighty dollar and the negatives associated with those cases, Cory, as head of GRL’s civil law division, takes a different approach and assigns a new and fresh meaning to the PI abbreviation. Tune in and find out what that is.

Does and Don’ts with Donut takes on a question related to underage parties, parent liability and bringing things full circle to the first episode of Does and Don’ts, Air BnB and vacation rentals for underage parties.