S2E1: Moscow Murders, Civil Rights, and Schools

Season 2, Episode 1 of GRL Raw busts out of the blocks in impressive fashion with the yearly theme of Respectfully Defiant.  Bobby and Donut tackle the current event of the Moscow Murders, dive deep into a landmark historic Iowa case that resulted in students having rights in school, give action points for dealing with school violations of civil rights, and top it all off with another humdinger of a Does and Don’ts with Donut.  Rambo knifes and trash rips resurface along with another solid discussion over teenagers and nuddies.  You could miss this episode if you want but it will be to your own disadvantage.

If you haven’t heard, Donut popped off with a ridiculously high goal for GRL’s YouTube channel for the year.  Want to keep her around? Subscribe, like and share the heck out of GRL Raw and don’t forget to catch up on any of the episodes you may have missed.  The insider jokes this season will thank you.