S2E11: DUI Secrets Law Enforcement Doesn’t Want You To Know

GRL finally reveals their secrets of drunk driving defense in Iowa. The most experienced, aggressive, and successful Iowa law firm for drunk driving defense pulls back the curtain on operating while intoxicated investigations.

GRL Raw is closing out 2023 with a bang. In the final episode of 2023 Bobby and Donut discuss the top ways that otherwise law-abiding citizens find themselves on the wrong end of an operating while intoxicated investigation. Is your prescription medication a defense? Can you get an OWI on a golf cart or even motorized cooler? Is sleeping in a running vehicle operation? Should you do field sobriety tests? What is the minimum punishment in Iowa for drunk driving that causes the death of another person? Bobby and Donut answer all of these questions and many more. The knowledge dropped in this episode could very well could save your backside.