S2E2: First Grade Shooter, Suing Schools, and a Side of Hold My Stein

Season 2, Episode 2 keeps the momentum rolling with the primary discussion about school liability for incidents that happen on campus. What is a school’s duty to protect students and staff? What is the best way to deal with bullying and harassment? We address all these questions and give parents an action plan to ensure that school-related safety concerns are addressed properly the first time by Administration.

Following our year’s theme of Respectful Defiance; what do the Great War, Huxley Township, German, and the United States Supreme Court have in common? We will give you a hint – criminal prosecutions of teachers for violating the desires of the Iowa Legislature. Is this 2023 or 1919? Tune into this episode to learn more and don’t forget to stay tuned for Does and Don’ts with Donut where we look at Wills from a different perspective; the ultimate mic drop.