S2E4: Lawyer Up! Christian Burial Speech, Lawyering Up, and Miranda Rights

What do Lady Gaga, an escapee from a Missouri psych ward, 1-800-Lickmynuts, an Iowa wrestling tournament, a good Christian burial, and Miranda rights have in common? You guessed it, they are all on this most recent episode of GRL Raw.

Season 2 Episode 4 features Grant “the Wizard” Gangestad breaking down one of Iowa’s most infamous criminal cases. The Christian Burial Speech case as it is known, is centered around a parent’s worst nightmare taking place at the old downtown YMCA in Des Moines. Bobby and Grant discuss the history and details of this case, using it to explain some of the finer points of a person’s right to an attorney and when and where Miranda rights must be read.

Bookending the Christian Burial Speech case is Donut discussing the current event of Lady Gaga’s dognapping and putting a finishing bow on the episode of Does and Don’ts with Donut that is literally to die for.