S2E5: Police Misconduct – Qualified Immunity, Police Officer’s Bill of Rights and Iowa’s Most Notorious Criminal, Cop Edition

Is it entrapment for law enforcement to sit outside a bar and pull people over for valid traffic offenses? Do officers really have to tell you if they are cops if you ask them? What is police misconduct? What is not police misconduct?

In season 2, Episode 5 of GRL Raw, Sydney Donut sits down with Bobby to talk about Police Misconduct. They lead into the discussion with a dive into Iowa’s most notorious villain cop. Who is he/she? What did they do? Why do they qualify as the most notorious villain cop Iowa has ever seen? Tune in and find out.

As always, we equip citizens with an action plan on how to effectively protect their rights and more importantly, how to do their part to end police misconduct. Does and Don’ts with Donut wraps it up with, no joke, a police officer asking a question.