S2E7: College Move-In Special – Surviving Slumlords

Slumlords are often thought to prey on the socioeconomically disadvantaged residents of the inner cities. While this is undoubtedly true, college kids are similarly vulnerable to being victimized by the profiteering of irresponsible landlords. Bobby and Donut kick this episode off by diving into the rubble of the Disaster in Davenport, where a landlord’s utter disregard for the safety of his tenants had catastrophic and tragic results. Should or could criminal charges be filed? We discuss.

Also, shoutout to @jeffostroff for the in-depth video of the cause of the Davenport Hotel/Apartment Building Collapse.

With the vivid example of catastrophe flowing from culpable landlord conduct, Cory joins the discussion to go over a historic Iowa case he handled related to landlord responsibility for tragedy caused by dangerous conditions on rental property. Most importantly, Cory sets out action points for all tenants, especially families of college kids, as they start their move-in process for the upcoming school year. This is information that every renter should take to heart.

Donut bookends the episode with a next-level Do’s and Don’ts involving teenagers, a fence, an ATV, and a couple of Pitbulls. Intrigued? Tune in for the entire story.