VICTORY VAULT: Prosecutorial Misconduct and Sanctions

Unveiling Justice: Inside an OWI Case with Surprising Twists

In this episode, we open GRL’s Victory Vault to shed light on a case where not only did GRL Law achieve a great result for a client but also administered justice to a prosecutor. We sit down with GRL partner Matt Lindholm to explain how a rather routine Operating While Intoxicated charge took an unexpected turn when Matt’s thorough investigation uncovered that the arresting police officer had failed to calibrate his radar equipment. What ensued from there must be heard to be believed. Tune in to hear how the prosecutor’s attempts to thwart Matt from securing justice for his client played out in the OWI case, resulting in the prosecutor experiencing a little poetic justice of his own.

Matt Lindholm and Grant Gangstad, both wearing black jackets and seated next to each other, face the camera and smile while sitting in front of microphones in a brightly lit studio, where they discussed an OWI case.