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Law ‘Splaining

“Law ‘Splaining” is a new word invented by GRL Raw, which means “breaking down legal mumbo jumbo so that all may understand.”  Important events and legal decisions occur daily. What do they really mean? How did the court reach the decision? Why was the case even brought to begin with? The context and stories behind many of the front-page, law-related stories are important to appreciating what legal decisions mean and, just as important, what they do not mean.

On Law ‘Splaining, GRL Raw cracks beers and breaks down the legally complex, outrageous, and socially relevant legal cases and decisions in a way that should be understandable by all. We aim to provide practical, common sense, easily understood explanations for even the most complex, socially relevant legal issues in the headlines. Your feedback is crucial to us. If we don’t pull it off, let us know. If there are issues you would like us to dive into, let us know. Law ‘Splaining is the people’s segment, and your input is highly valued!