Attorney Case Referral and Litigation Management Program

GRL law is known as one of the premier trial law firms in the state of Iowa and leads litigation teams in cases pending across the Midwest.  A such, one of the primary sources of cases for GRL Law are referrals from other attorneys across the state of Iowa and the country.  There is not a much higher compliment we can receive than to be the go-to destination for the most important cases for trial lawyers from sole practitioners to the biggest firms.

Accordingly, GRL Law accepts cases from, and provides litigation services for. other firms and attorneys in a number of ways including:

Practice area referral

– Certain firms send all cases in a particular practice area in which they have no specialized attorney in-house. Areas in which GRL Law accepts practice area referrals:

  • Wrongful death
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home malpractice
  • Motorcycle, car and trucking accidents
  • Construction injury
  • Other personal injury
  • Work comp
  • OWI
  • Homicide
  • Felony criminal defense
  • Federal civil and criminal cases
  • Real Estate
  • Probate, Wills, trusts, and estate planning
  • Will and Trust Contests
  • Appeals

Individual case referrals

– Attorneys refer individual cases to GRL Law for specific cases that may fall outside of an attorney’s practice area or for more complex, high value, multi-party, multi-jurisdictional, federal, or other important litigation.

Lead or Co-counsel collaboration

– in certain complex cases, numerous attorneys are needed to fully and adequately address all issues in the case such as specific legal issues, liability, causation and damages.  GRL Law is often brought in as the lead or a member of a team of trial lawyers to coordinate litigation strategy and management and ensure that all issues are addressed by a specific attorney or team of attorneys as necessary

Intake and Case load management

– Some firms utilize GRL’s Law’s intake system and/or our litigation department and infrastructure to manage all files in certain practice areas where the referring attorney or firm refers or associates with GRL on those cases.

Litigation Funding

– Some cases are simply too expensive for one attorney or firm to handle.  In those situations and when GRL is referred or brought in as lead or co-counsel, GRL often provides litigation expense funding in whole or in part so that such cases have adequate resources allocated to ensure successful resolution.

Retirement or practice Transition Planning and Integration

– GRL Law has what we believe to be the state’s only retirement or practice transition program for attorneys that are either retiring, implementing a retirement timeline, or transitioning away from full-time practice.  In these situations, GRL works with such attorney to transition cases and caseloads over time so that the referring attorney ease their professional burden and slow down in their preferred time but still continue to earn a great living and enjoy the fruits of the practice they have built even after stepping away entirely.

Whether you need help on one case, a practice area, or your entire caseload, GRL stands ready and able to assist in whatever way most benefits you and your clients to ensure the best possible outcome for all.