Government Negligence

Government entities, which include the state of Iowa, Counties, and Cities, are legally responsible for serious injuries and wrongful deaths that are caused by the negligent conduct of their employees.   Wrongful death and serious personal injury cases that arise out of car accidents, other accidents, failures to maintain traffic control signals or signs, malpractice and other negligent conduct by government employees all fall within this section of Government Negligence.  The governmental agencies are all legally responsible for the harm caused by their employees the same way that a private employer is legally responsible for their employees.

There are certain notice requirements that exist in these cases and failure to follow the appropriate procedures can result in a case being dismissed and/or barred from being pursued.  The government makes it difficult to hold them accountable and the law creates many legal traps for those who are not familiar with the required procedures to sue government entities.  GRL has navigated these mine fields for over two decades now and has repeatedly succeeded in holding government agencies accountable for their negligent conduct.