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The GRL Law Wrongful Death & Serious Injury Division is a dedicated team of legal experts who represent Iowans and their families that have been affected by accidents and other tragedies. When accidents are caused by carelessness or other selfish actions of another person or company, that party is responsible to the Iowan and his or her family for the negative consequences of those actions. GRL Law is in the business of holding those responsible parties and their insurance companies accountable.

The GRL Law team consists of Iowa parents, drivers, motorcylists, bicyclists, and runners. Some on our team have experienced firsthand the effects of a traumatic accident. More importantly, GRL Law has the experience, expertise and results that demonstrate why so many Iowans trust us to protect them and help them rebuild their lives after a tragic accident. We are Iowans helping Iowans. GRL Law. When good people need GReat Lawyers.


The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult situations we face during our lifetimes. If it is completely unexpected, losing a family member can be even more traumatic. The grief, emotions, and complexity of such a profound loss are only complicated when a death is caused by another. Wrongful death refers to situations where a person’s death was caused by another person or business’s negligence or misconduct. If this is the case, the family and beneficiaries are typically entitled to financial compensation from the responsible parties or, in many cases, their insurance companies. In Iowa, folks are responsible for their actions. This is most important when their actions have the gravest of consequences. Learn More.


Traumatic brain injury is a head injury caused by any sudden physical damage to the brain. This usually occurs as a result of a sudden forceful blow to the head that can be caused by either the head hitting a nonmoving object such as the steering wheel of a car; a moving object hitting the head, such as would be seen in a violent assault; or something passing through the skull and piercing the brain. According to the National Institute of Health, the major cause atraumatic head injury in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. Learn More.


Serious injuries suffered in car accidents require serious attention and assistance. T-Bone, head-on, multiple car pile-ups, semi truck accidents, and accidents involving pedestrians or bicycles will usually result in serious injuries if not death. The serious injuries not resulting in death will often-times leave the individual permanently disabled and incapable of caring for themselves. Individuals that once had a comfortable life, a good job and steady income, and wonderful family are at risk of seeing their dreams that they have worked so hard to attain unravel before their very eyes. Mounting medical expenses, inability to work and unpaid bills are a distinct reality adding unnecessary stress and turmoil to a situation that is already difficult enough. Learn More.



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