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GRL Law’s DUI defense lawyers are known throughout the state of Iowa for their expertise in defending operating while intoxicated accusations. They have been selected to Super Lawyers, repeatedly named Avvo’s Client Choice and Top Attorney for DUI defense with a Superb rating of 10.0 out of possible 10.0, are the State Delegate to the National College of DUI Defense, sit on the board for Iowa’s two top criminal defense associations, have received specialized training in standardized field sobriety testing and evidentiary breath testing, and train other attorneys on how to effectively defend drunk driving accusations. They are experts in DUI defense.

A criminal conviction for DUI in Iowa is permanent. It stays on your criminal record for the rest of your life. There is no method or procedure in the state of Iowa to expunge or clear a conviction for DUI. The purpose of hiring a DUI lawyer is to ensure that everything legally possible is done to avoid a conviction and license suspension following your arrest.

A good DUI lawyer fights first with a guilty plea being the furthest thing from their mind. Guilty pleas should always be the last resort. A lawyer that talks about pleading guilty even before the facts are fully developed and the evidence is scrutinized is not a DUI Attorney. A DUI attorney is knowledgeable, confident, aggressive, and 100% in your corner with his only concern being a successful resolution of a client’s case.

That is why you hire a DUI attorney. Now is not the time to cut corners. Some may ask, “can I afford to hire GRL Law’s drunk driving defense experts?” The better question is, “can I afford not to?”  When your future is on the line, results matter! Nobody secures better results from clients than the DUI defense lawyers at GRL Law.

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