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Season 2, Episode 11: DUI Secrets Law Enforcement Doesn't Want You to Know

GRL finally reveals their secrets of drunk driving defense in Iowa. The most experienced, aggressive, and successful Iowa law firm for drunk driving defense pulls back the curtain on operating while intoxicated investigations.+ Read More

Season 2, Episode 9: Disposable Connections - Burner Phones and Privacy

Eat your damn crust! How did the suspected Long Island serial killer, Rex Heuermann’s disregard of this advice likely forever alter his living arrangements? We could not have asked for a better current event to discuss the Three T’s – Trash, Trespass and Telephones.+ Read More

Season 2, Episode 7: College Move-in Special - Surviving Slumlords

Slumlords are often thought to prey on the socioeconomically disadvantaged residents of the inner cities. While this is undoubtedly true, college kids are similarly vulnerable to being victimized by the profiteering of irresponsible landlords. Bobby and Donut kick this episode off by diving into the rubble of the Disaster in Davenport, where a landlord’s utter disregard for the safety of his tenants had catastrophic and tragic results. Should or could criminal charges be filed? We discuss.

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Season 2, Episode 5: Police Misconduct - Qualified Immunity, Police Officer's Bill of Rights and Iowa's Most Notorious Criminal, Cop Edition

Is it entrapment for law enforcement to sit outside a bar and pull people over for valid traffic offenses? Do officers really have to tell you if they are cops if you ask them? What is police misconduct? What is not police misconduct?

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Season 2, Episode 3: Iowa Football Racial Discrimination Settlement

Bobby and Donut do some Lawsplaining, discussing the recent multi-million-dollar settlement in the Iowa Football Racial Discrimination Lawsuit. This settlement brings the grand total of Iowa’s Athletic Department’s discrimination settlements over $10,000,000 during the reign of Iowa’s Athletic Director, Gary Barta. Why would Iowa pay $4.2 million dollars to settle a lawsuit that Top-Hawk, Kirk Ferentz claims is frivolous? It just might have had to deal with Ferentz’s own Problem Child.

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Season 2, Episode 1: Moscow Murders, Civil Rights and Schools

Season 2 ,Episode 1 of GRL Raw busts out of the blocks in impressive fashion with the yearly theme of Respectfully Defiant.  Bobby and Donut tackle the current event of the Moscow Murders, dive deep into a landmark historic Iowa case that resulted in students having rights in school, give action points for dealing with school violations of civil rights, and top it all off with another humdinger of a Does and Don’ts with Donut.  Rambo knifes and trash rips resurface along with another solid discussion over teenagers and nuddies.  You could miss this episode if you want but it will be to your own disadvantage.

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Season 2, Episode 10: The Ultimate Revenge - Fighting Back Against Revenge Porn Offenders

Some call it nonconsensual pornography others call it revenge porn. Regardless of the label, nonconsensual sharing or dissemination of intimate sexual photographs and videos causes immediate and long-term harm to the person whose trust and confidence is betrayed. Offenders may look at it as simply getting even for a broken heart but the trail of destruction it leaves behind is not temporary nor fleeting. + Read More

Season 2, Episode 8: Meet the All-Stars of GRL Law

We interrupt our normally scheduled podcast to shine a light on the women are at the core of GRL.  They are our backbone.  They are what makes GRL such a special place to serve those who we are privileged to represent and call clients.  Without them we would be floundering and ineffective.  Their loyalty, buy-in, and self-sacrifice for the betterment of our Team and client’s causes is not lost on us.   They are the All-Stars of GRL. We appreciate all they do.+ Read More

Season 2, Episode 6: When Can I Legally Shoot Someone? Stand your Ground and Justification

Justified. Stand your ground. Castle doctrine. Reasonable use of deadly force. What does it all mean? When can you legally shoot someone? + Read More

Season 2, Episode 2: First Grade Shooter, Suing Schools and a Side of Hold My Stein

Season 2, Episode 2 keeps the momentum rolling with the primary discussion about school liability for incidents that happen on campus. What is a school’s duty to protect students and staff? What is the best way to deal with bullying and harassment? We address all these questions and give parents an action plan to ensure that school-related safety concerns are addressed properly the first time by Administration.

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Episode 8: Dope Yoda's Dope Update

Bobby and Colin give the straight dope with updates since S1E1 including the GRL’s ongoing efforts to protect the liberties and rights of Iowans against warrantless searches by police.

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Episode 7 - MadDog N Mustkets

The Second Amendment, guns, more guns, permitless carry, handguns, long guns, the list goes on with some special insight into what not to do as a man. Episode 7 features GRL’s newest fulltime team member, Madisyn “MadDog” Moorman.

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Episode 6 - Don't Fudd Up Hunting Season

It is time to get your canines off the couch and back into shape, oil up your shotguns, and dig out your favorite animal urine cologne. Hunting season is here. As with anything involving the Department of Natural Resources, public and private property, hunting regulations can get a little tricky.  For that reason, in Episode 6 we tap the knowledge of GRL’s hunting guru, Scott Michels.

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Episode 5 - The Wolfs Rules of Engagement - Surviving College

When The Wolf speaks, all should listen! He is a man of few words. Direct and to the point. The wisdom he drops is based upon decades of experience cleaning up other people’s messes. It will save your ass if you take it to heart.

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Episode 4 - Bicycling with Baby Dog

The inmates have taken over the asylum! Donut takes over hosting duties and turns the tables on Bobby “Baby Dog” Rehkemper but not before first telling us how she got that nickname. Episode 4 finds us talking all things pedal biking. We kick the episode off with a Do’s and Don’ts with Donut of unprecedented WTF status and then get down to talking pedal bikes and cycling. Why don’t cyclists ride on sidewalks? Can you get pulled over while pedaling? Can you get an OWI on a bicycle?

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Episode 3: A FSBO Convo - Money is Sexy

What in the hell is Fizbo? A new hard selzer? A new soda pop?

Not to ruin the surprise but it is actually the initials F.S.B.O. sounded out. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) just happens to be the easiest and hottest way to save a home owner tens of thousands of dollars!

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Episode 2: Motorboating with Captain Wizard

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching.  It’s that time of year when every single Midwesterner has had it up to their eyeballs with the cold, snow, and being stuck indoors.  Get ready to kick off those snow boots, put the Carhartt’s in the closet, and top up your tan for boat season.  That’s right…it’s time once again to party in slow motion and do some motorboating!  But before you set sail on your summer adventures, GRL Raw, a podcast by Gourley, Rehkemper, & Lindholm, PLC, drops some knowledge to keep the party afloat and all you boaters out of hot water this summer.

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Episode 1: Dope Yoda

Did your last encounter with police end in joint pain? Are you curious about the current state of the law on hemp, CBD, and marijuana in Iowa? Have you heard about NFG? But not really sure what it means? Then check out GRL Raw, a podcast by Gourley, Rehkemper, and Lindholm, PLC, Iowa’s premier drug crime defense firm.

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