Government Accountability

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody
ought not to be trusted by anybody.” – Thomas Paine

It has long been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The Founding Fathers understood this concept as one of the fundamental evils that the new Republic would need to protect against.  Thankfully, constitutional principles were put into place that ensure that when the government does wrong, the concept of “The King Can Do No Wrong” would not apply in our system of Justice.  The GRL Government Accountability Division specializes in taking the fight back to the government.

Under federal and State law, just compensation and other remedial action can be pursued when government conduct injures or causes damage to the constitutional rights of citizens of the state of Iowa. In fact, in most cases, a governmental entity, the State, County or City, is legally responsible for the misconduct of their employees.  Police misconduct, government employee negligence, willful or reckless conduct by government officials that results in serious injury, death or violations of citizens constitutional rights, and other such offenses by government officials all fall under GRL’s Government Accountability Division.

The government does not make this process easy and there are numerous pitfalls that await the unwary. GRL Law has extensive experience navigating these cases and securing justice and accountability when the government does wrong.

Government Accountability SPECIALTIES