Police Misconduct

“There is no greater tyranny that that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice.” – Montesquieu

Law enforcement’s job is to protect and serve its citizenry.  The vast majority of law enforcement officers respect citizen’s constitutional rights, mean well, and work hard to earn and maintain the respect of those they serve. Unfortunately, like all professions, there are a few bad actors that ignore the rules, abuse their power, and are motivated by personal vendettas, prejudices, biases and simple ill-will toward the people they serve.  These bad apples have no place in law enforcement.

GRL understands the importance of upholding civil rights and ensuring that police officers are held responsible for their misconduct. GRL is committed to providing aggressive and effective legal representation to individuals who have suffered from police misconduct. We believe that no one should be subjected to abuse or mistreatment by those who are sworn to protect and serve.

GRL Law specializes in handling a wide range of cases involving police misconduct, including but not limited to:

Wrongful Death: In tragic cases where police misconduct has resulted in the loss of a loved one’s life, GRL’s true passion and commitment to government accountability shines the brightest. Our goal is to ensure that the loved one’s legacy lives on through a positive impact resulting in meaningful change and just compensation.  GRL does not take the easy way out or stop short of complete vindication of our clients and families whose lives are forever changed by police misconduct.

Excessive Force: Commonly referred to as Police Brutality.  GRL takes a strong stance against law enforcement’s abuse of power through physical violence. We relentlessly and thoroughly investigate these incidents, gather evidence, and extract justice for the victims we represent.

False Arrest and Wrongful Detention: Probable cause or reason to believe the individual detained or arrested committed a criminal act is the constitutionally required standard before law enforcement can take away a person’s liberty.  Investigative detentions and formal arrests are a humiliating process and have lasting physical, psychological, and social consequences.  GRL works tirelessly to obtain justice for those who have been falsely arrested or wrongfully detain.

Illegal Search and Seizure:  The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.  Protection of citizens privacy from governmental intrusion is at the very heart of the Fourth Amendment.  Governmental violations of individual freedoms and privacy must be aggressively prosecuted in order to deter further violations and prevent greater encroachments at later times.