Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Program Data Through October 2021

December 1, 2021 marks the three year anniversary since Iowa began distributing medical cannabidiol to certified patients. 

Here is some of the data for the program through October 2021:

  • There are 1,549 certifying health practitioners. 
  • 7,323 active patient cardholders.
  • 16,591 cumulative patient cards issued.

All of this above data is trending upward, which is great for the program.

Chronic pain accounts for more than 70.28% of the qualifying medical condition by active cardholders followed by PTSD at 12.60%.

Vaporizable cannabidiol represents 50% of the products sold in the last year. 

High THC products are preferred nearly 2:1 over high CBD and balanced THC:CBD combined.

The average transaction price is $151, which has remained relatively constant for the last 12 months.

Dispensary sales topped $600,000 per month for the first time in October.