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Changes in Iowa Law – Effective July 1, 2022

It has become a tradition at GRL to highlight the Legislature’s activity over the past year that impacts GRL’s areas of legal practice.  Here are the top 5 changes in Iowa laws that GRL believes the Iowa public should be aware of in 2022: Taking out the Trash.  As we have repeatedly posted, the Iowa Legislature wants Iowan’s trash to be open season.  Not just by law enforcement but by anyone.  Senate File 2296, signed into law by the Governor states in part: “It is the public policy of this state that a person has no reasonable expectation of privacy in […]

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Sentencing Enhancement for Felony Possession Within “Drug Free Zones”

Felony drug offenses committed within “drug free zones” risk more time in prison. A “drug free zone” can be in, on or within 1000 feet of certain property.  This property includes schools, parks, swimming pools and rec centers as well as the contiguous land surrounding any buildings. Offenses committed on a marked school bus also count. Felonies include manufacturing, distributing or possessing with the intent to distribute a controlled substance listed in schedule I, II or III (simulated and imitation drugs included). The five-year enhancement applies only to adults (18 or older) who commit the offense involving another adult.  The […]

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The “Take-Back” Entrapment Defense

The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law are often asked about the possibility of asserting an entrapment defense in drug cases.  It’s usually in the context of a controlled buy from an informant who is trying to work off a collar. The regular entrapment defense requires evidence of excessive incitement, urging, persuasion or temptation.  Merely providing the opportunity to commit a crime is not enough. That’s why the regular entrapment defense is difficult to raise for most vanilla drug transactions.  Typically nothing excessive! But then there’s the “take-back” entrapment defense.  That is available when an informant supplies drugs to the accused […]

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