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Immunity From Drug Prosecutions Under Iowa’s Good Samaritan Law

If you witness a drug overdose, then Iowa’s Good Samaritan Law will protect you if you call 911 for medical assistance. That’s right. The law provides full immunity for certain Chapter 124 drug charges including: Delivery of a controlled substance, if not done for profit (124.401); Simple possession (124.401(5)); Gatherings (124.407); and Drug paraphernalia (124.414). […]

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Murphy Presents on Search and Seizure to Floyd County Criminal Law Seminar

On May 14, 2021 Colin Murphy presented at the Floyd County Spring Criminal Law Seminar in Charles City. The presentation focused on developments in Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.  In particular, Colin demonstrated how defense attorneys can apply trespass principles to prevail in seemingly unwinnable search and seizure cases.     GRL Law takes great pride in helping […]

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The Reciprocity Defense for Possessing Out-of-State Medical Marijuana in Iowa

When it comes to possession charges for out-of-state medical marijuana, you should look no further than GRL Law. Many prosecutors will charge these possession offenses under Iowa Code section 124.401(5).  This effectively treats medical marijuana like a street drug rather than a therapeutic purchased at a licensed dispensary.  Most attorneys who dabble in criminal defense […]

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