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Iowa Permits to Carry Do Not Expire During COVID-19 Proclamation of Disaster Emergency

On July 24, 2020 Governor Reynolds continued the Proclamation of Disaster Emergency for the State of Iowa that extends until August 23, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Specifically, the Proclamation temporarily suspends the regulatory provisions of Iowa Code sections 724.6, 724.7 and 724.20 regarding professional and nonprofessional permits to carry firearms. This means that if you […]

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Challenging Search Warrants Involving Marijuana Stems and Seeds

Trash rips.  The low-hanging fruit of narcotics investigations.  In terms of evidence gathering for the local drug task force, nothing beats the simplicity of stealing a homeowner’s curbside garbage bags at midnight and spending the rest of the shift rifling through the contents. The goal?  Like any prospector with a newly staked claim, the officers […]

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All Charges Dropped in Dallas County Courthouse Security Breach

Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  All charges have now been dropped in the Dallas County Courthouse security breach fiasco.  The case that started as Burglary allegations turned out to be two men just doing their job – testing the security of Iowa courthouses. There was no shortage of national and local media coverage arising out of […]

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