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Sextortion – What Every Parent Needs to Know

What in the world is Sextortion and why does every parent need to know about? Sextortion occurs when a criminal obtains sexually explicit images of a person and threatens to distribute them if the victim does not provide additional images, sexual favors, or money.  It is a serious situation that happens in our state, our communities, our school, our neighborhoods and our homes.  While smart phones and the internet have made life incredibly more convenient, they have also created landmines for our younger generations to navigate.  We have previously written about Sexting and the legal pitfalls associated with sharing compromising […]

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Harassment 1st degree charges dismissed against GRL Law Client

Polk County- Harassment 1st degree, an aggravated misdemeanor, charges were filed against a GRL Law client for allegedly posting nude videos of the client’s roommate to her Snapchat account.  After obtaining discovery materials, Mr. Gangestad was able to determine that the client did not in fact post the images to her own Snapchat account.  Mr. Gangestad was able to successfully convince the prosecution to dismiss the case against the client, saving her hundreds of dollars in fines and potential jail or prison time.

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