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Routine Random Stop of Commercial Vehicle Deemed Unconstitutional

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  GRL Law has long argued that Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers cannot legally stop commercial drivers without reasonable suspicion of a law violation.  It has long been the practice of Iowa law enforcement officers to randomly stop commercial vehicles to weigh them or check compliance with regulations.  […]

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Double Violations Results in Dismissal

Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa.  OWI 2nd Offense arising out of an accident, dismissed outright after court granted defendant’s motion to suppress evidence.  GRL dug into the case and determined that the preliminary breath test calibration logs did not comply with Iowa’s requirements.  Additionally, a close review of the video recordings from the police station proved […]

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I Want to Call to Get Bond–Nope!

Ringgold County, Iowa.  A GRL client recently had an OWI charge amended to reckless driving.  The amended charge was the result of Attorney Matt Lindholm finding a way to get the client’s breath test refusal suppressed.  The client requested an opportunity to place a phone call to secure bond for his release prior to deciding […]

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