Text Messages Reveal Sex Abuse Allegations To Be False

A 15-year-old Story County juvenile was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend.  The County Attorney’s Office originally issued arrest warrants to charge him as an adult with Sex Abuse in the 3rd Degree and Assault With Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse.  GRL Attorney, Scott Michels, advised the county attorney that the case had to be filed in juvenile court due to the child’s age.  The County Attorney’s Office dismissed the adult court cases and filed a delinquency petition in juvenile court charging him with the same offenses.

During the investigation, law enforcement pulled information from both of their phones.  While reviewing nearly 700 pages of text messages between the two, Scott found texts by the girlfriend stating that the acts were consensual and brought them to the attention of the County Attorney’s Office.  The State dismissed both charges against him.