Advocacy to the C.O.R.E.

The excellence you expect, the service you deserve.  GRL Law’s vision statement is: Building a legacy of trailblazing advocacy.  We seek to accomplish our vision through adherence to our mission statement: Relentlessly raising the bar.  At the CORE of GRL’s approach to the practice of law are timely and effective communication, superior organization, respect of clients, adversaries and our judicial system, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all we do.

Unfortunately, they do not teach the business side of the professional service industry of law, in law school.  What makes a business successful?  How is it certain business always seem to rise to the top?   Why are people drawn to and remain loyal to a business brand?  Why is it that some businesses and not others are able to continuously make positive adjustments and improvements? Who are the people within the business that drive the positive growth, and why are they so dedicated to their cause?

Lawyers and law firms as an industry either completely fail to recognize, or underappreciate the fact that they are in a service industry.  That is correct.  Lawyers are in the business of serving others.  We should not be approaching our industry with a pretentious mentality that ignores the service side of our business.  While certainly an important component of a successful law practice, results should not be the only focus of a law firm.  Clients deserve superior service as well.  People don’t normally need lawyers when life is handing out pats on the back and all expenses paid trips to Disneyland.  When good people need lawyers, life is as difficult as it has ever been. Service matters.

Here at GRL we recognize the importance of providing top-notch service for our clients, which is why we have developed our C.O.R.E system of advocacy.  The key components of our system focus on Communication, Organization, Respect, and Excellence. These components create our foundation at GRL and are at the forefront for each of our team members as we are “Relentlessly Raising the Bar” in the legal industry.