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OWI Amended Down to Public Intoxication

West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  What started as an Operating While Intoxicated, was resolved with an amendment down to Public Intoxication.  GRL’s client was stopped for speeding.  He politely declined to submit to field sobriety testing and further politely declined to submit to the DataMaster breath test at the station.  Lacking evidence of impairment, […]

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Prosecutor Rebuffs Reasonable Resolution, Loses Entire Case. Operating While Intoxicated Charge and License Suspension Beat

Corning, Adams County, Iowa.  Prior to a hearing on defendant’s motion to suppress evidence, defendant offered to plead to an amended charge of Reckless Driving with the requirement of completing the operating while intoxicated weekend class.  The prosecution would have none of it choosing instead to go forward with the hearing.  At the hearing, the […]

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Unparalleled Bobby

Words cannot express my gratitude for the kindness and hard work of Bobby! He literally saved my life (FOUR DUI) and that of my sister with special needs. He has given me a new lease on life! His kind words and professionalism during the sentencing to the judge, in my opinion, is the reason I […]

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