Drug Charges Dismissed After GRL Law Questions K9 “Alert”

GRL Law successfully argued for the dismissal of drug charges following a traffic stop in western Iowa.

The State charged our client initially with marijuana possession.  Multiple other felony charges were likely once the DCI Lab tested other substances seized by police.

There was one problem.  Probable cause to search requires an objective alert by a reliable and well-trained K9.

Although law enforcement deployed a drug K9 on the vehicle, the dog never alerted to the presence of contraband.  It merely showed interest without ever sitting.

After reviewing the case, the county attorney decided to dismiss the pending possession charge at the State’s cost.  No other charges will be filed.

A tip of the hat for the prosecutor’s discretion.

GRL Law defends drug possession charges across the state.  If you or a family member need experienced drug defense attorneys, then look no further.