Grant “The Wizard” Gangestad Accepts Promotion

We are thrilled to announce that Grant “The Wizard” Gangestad has accepted a promotion to Junior Partner at GRL Law!  We haven’t told him yet, but this promotion really means a lot more work and a little less pay.

All kidding aside, GRL Law could not be more excited that Grant has enthusiastically accepted these additional leadership responsibilities.  We look forward to his continuation of the great work he has come to be known for producing.  Our team continues to be strengthened with each member pushing the entire team with unique and progressive ideas.  Grant in a leadership role will most definitely elevate the level of service that GRL Law is able to provide.

Grant was bestowed his nickname of “The Wizard” by an elated client who was impressed with his ability to “work magic” in a case believed to be a lost cause.  Grant pulled off the victory and earned his nickname.  The name has stuck and his wardrobe has followed suit.

Grant "The Wizard" Gangestad


Grant most notable representative case to date is State v. Pettijohn, where he succeeded in convincing the Iowa Supreme Court to invalidate Iowa’s legislatively created shenanigan that was the legal fiction of implied consent in boating while intoxicated cases.  Success has been the common theme of all of Grant’s work both at the appellate and trial court level.  We look forward to Grant continuing to kick tail for clients and helping lead the GRL Law team to new heights in the decades to come.  Cheers Grant!