GRL Law Prevents Forfeiture of $1,000 Seized During Traffic Stop

If you are carrying large amounts of cash during a traffic stop, then chances are police will seize it and make you fight to get it back.

This happened recently to a driver we represent.  Police stopped him for speeding and seized nearly $1,000 from his glove compartment.

We were able to secure its return when the state failed to take action to forfeit the property.

You can do that?

That’s right!

If the police intend to forfeit property as criminal proceeds when seized, then the State can’t hold onto it indefinitely.  It must act timely.

GRL Law demonstrated the police seized the money with the intent to forfeit it and the State let the clock run out without acting.

Have you had money recently seized by the police?  Do you want it back?

Whether it is $1,000 or $100,000, call the seized and forfeited property attorneys at GRL Law for a free consultation.