Iowa’s Overdose Protection Law Results in Dismissal

Waukee, Dallas County, Iowa.  Iowa’s overdose protection law was utilized to secure a dismissal of Possession and drug Paraphernalia charges for a client of GRL Law.  What was very nearly a tragedy, ultimately had a happy ending.  GRL Law’s client unknowingly ingested Fentanyl when consuming another product and immediately began suffering overdose symptoms.  Thankfully friends immediately summoned emergency assistance to assist.  Medical treatment was provided but, apparently unaware that no evidence obtained from emergency responses to these calls may be used to charge an individual, law enforcement charged GRL’s client with possession of a controlled substances.  Thankfully GRL’s client made a full recovery, obtained the assistance needed and all charges were ultimately dismissed by the prosecution.  This case is a perfect reminder to talk to friends and families about the very real and present danger of accidental overdoses resulting from the lacing of various products with Fentanyl.