Police Cars Wired for Sound and Video . . . So Shut the F*** Up!

Here’s a pro tip from the drug defense attorneys at GRL Law:

If you are placed in the patrol cruiser while the officer searches your vehicle, then don’t say a word to anyone, including yourself, about anything.


Because the police car is wired for video and audio.  Every word you say outside the presence of the officer is recorded to use against you later.

Screaming obscenities out of earshot of police?  Calling your buddy telling him you’ll pay for his attorney if he comes forward and owns it? You’ve all but admitted you know what’s in car.  An easy inference for the prosecution to draw.

Sometimes the police will put both the driver and the passenger in the backseat together.  Wonder why?  Think about it.  They know you’ll take the opportunity to get your stories straight.  And it’s all recorded for posterity.

Don’t do it.

If you find yourself in this position, then just remember:

Shut up.  Wise Up.  Lawyer Up.™