Problems with Traffic Stop Lead to Dismissal of Marijuana Charges

West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law successfully negotiated the dismissal of drug charges after challenging the traffic stop. 

The arresting officer claimed in his report that “the light was red” when “[the car] traversed the intersection.”  His dash camera showed instead that our client’s car was nearly through the intersection when the signal changed from yellow to red.  There was no evidence the car entered the intersection on a yellow light. 

The officer later searched the car and discovered nearly 50 grams of processed marijuana flower.  No tax stamps were affixed to the packaging. 

The dismissal avoids the potential for felony convictions for possession and tax stamps.

This is precisely why GRL Law engages in a meticulous review of all pretrial discovery.  We look to uncover any potential defenses that might be available.  We know the traffic code and can leverage defenses to reduce or eliminate charges altogether.