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Should Hospitals Refuse to Comply with Blood Draw Warrants?

There is a growing trend in Iowa when it comes to OWI investigations, particularly those involving drugs other than alcohol. Peace officers are bypassing the standard implied consent procedures and seeking search warrants for blood instead. It’s not just for situations involving deaths or potentially fatal injuries.  Yes, there’s a law authorizing search warrants in those specific situations.  We’re talking here about regular, vanilla OWI traffic stops.  The run of the mill variety that happen every day across the state. Police have the discretion to apply for general search warrants even for ordinary cases if they want a blood sample […]

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Search Warrant for Blood? Call GRL Law

There was a time when the impaired driving defense lawyers at GRL Law only encountered search warrants for blood in felony OWI cases.  Especially those involving serious injuries. Those were the days.  The police no longer reserve search warrants for just serious injury accidents.  Now, it seems they pursue blood warrants for all types of cases.  Refuse a preliminary breath test with a prior OWI conviction on your record?  Transported to the hospital where breath testing is not available?  What about the odor of marijuana or the discovery of medication not prescribed to you? It’s common practice today for the […]

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