Tag: False Accusations

Lights Out!

Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.  Some things you must see to believe.  The prosecution and law enforcement attempted to convince a judge to not believe what everyone could clearly see.  Thankfully, the judge believed what he too could see. Two Iowa City Police Department police officers, Maddie Friedrich and her Field Training Officer, Brad Reinhard, attempted to claim that GRL Law’s client was driving through downtown Iowa City, at night, without the vehicle headlights illuminated.  According to Officer Friedrich’s report and sworn affidavit, “the defendant was seen driving without his headlights when required.”  The officers’ squad car video contradicted this […]

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A View From the Accused

Archie Williams auditioned for America’s Got Talent by singing Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”.  Before singing the song, he shared that he was convicted in 1983 and sentenced to life without parole.  After 24 years of being incarcerated, he was released because he was convicted of a crime that he did not commit. One of the scariest things as a family member in today’s world is getting a phone call from someone you love saying that they were arrested. What is even scarier is getting that call when you know that they are innocent of […]

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