GRL Secures Return of $35K in Cash Seized During Raid

The forfeiture attorneys at GRL Law routinely call for immediate action by citizens when police seize personal property like cash and firearms without a warrant.  If you don’t act promptly, you risk losing out on any claim for the return of your property.

That’s right.  The police might keep your cash!

We had the opportunity recently to challenge the seizure of more than $35,000 in cash seized during a search warrant raid.  The warrant didn’t specify cash, but the police seized it anyway.

GRL Law went to work.  We argued that the money was not evidence of a crime or required for use in an investigation despite the positions taken by police.  Possession of cash is not against the law.  And the State never filed a forfeiture claim.

In the end, the district court ordered the return of all of the money seized by law enforcement and other seized property.

Don’t let the police keep your cash, firearms or any personal property.  Give us a call at 515-461-7082 or email with questions about any property seized for forfeiture.

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