NFG Domestic Abuse Assault With a Firearm

Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.

What may be the most ridiculous and worst investigated Domestic Abuse Assault case that GRL Law ever defended, went to trial and the jury acquitted GRL’s client in under a half-hour of deliberation.  The accusation was that GRL’s client fired four shots while standing on a hill in the woods, along a gravel road in Madison County, when he did not know that his ex-wife had arrived unexpectedly at the property.  The ex-wife claimed that shots were fired to scare her even though the perfectly in-focus pictures that she took proved that GRL’s client had his back to her when she was claiming shots were fired.

The accusations were absurd.  The fact that the case was pushed to trial was an even greater injustice. It just goes to show that all that is required to put someone’s life in jeopardy is a mere allegation and a witness willing to push the issue.  All is well that ends well and we celebrate the good people of Madison County for seeing through the accusations and giving GRL our first NFG of the year!