Retail Sale of Raw Hemp Flower

Is it legal to sell raw hemp flower in Iowa?

Yes, but it depends on the retailer’s intent.

Iowa law prohibits “smokable” hemp where the intent is to inhale the products of combustion.  Possession or sale of such hemp products is punishable as a serious misdemeanor under Iowa Code section 204.14A.

However, raw hemp flower, like hemp seed and powder, is very nutritious.  In addition to phytocannabinoid acids and terpenes, raw hemp flower contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, dietary fiber and other enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

For that reason, it can be consumed like any other dark green leafy vegetable!  Consumers can add it whole to recipes, salads, sauces and smoothies.  Or incorporate it into butter or olive oil for use as a spread or dressing.

We believe raw hemp flower can be marketed as a food, food additive or dietary supplement.  Retailers who are looking to expand their product offerings should consider submitting properly tested, packaged and labeled raw hemp flower to the Department of Inspections and Appeals for approval as a consumable hemp product.  Keep in mind that the hemp flower cannot be treated or sprayed with anything.  It must be raw.

Once approved, don’t market raw hemp flower for smoking.  Otherwise you risk criminal and administrative sanctions.

GRL Law.  We know hemp.