Story County Prosecutor Sanctioned for Misconduct

Nevada, Story County, Iowa.  Don’t nip at The Wolf.  He bites back!

An Assistant Story County Attorney attempted to prosecute a meritless operating while intoxicated case against GRL’s client.  As usual, GRL gave the prosecutor the opportunity to do the right thing but he could not “let the bear go.”  When the prosecutor finally saw the writing on the wall and agreed to dismiss the case, he had already dug himself a hole that placed himself firmly in hot water.  Amazingly, when called to task on his dirty deeds, the prosecutor could not drop the brush, and continued to paint himself further into the corner and has now been sanctioned by the court for his misconduct.  Rather than tell the story from GRL’s perspective, we will let the Court’s Sanctions Order speak for itself.  Prosecutorial misconduct happens more often in Iowa than most wish to admit.  Unfortunately too often, prosecutors are not called to task on their misdeeds and the problem is exacerbated.  GRL will not stand silent in the face of blatant misconduct.  Hopefully this ruling sends a message to prosecutors throughout the State that they are not above the law. Abracadabra!