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THC Metabolite Concentration is Inconsistent Predictor of Impairment

Are blood or saliva concentrations of delta-9 THC metabolites predictive of impairment? That’s what a recent article in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews journal sought to determine. The article published data from a meta-regression analysis of 28 studies involving 824 participants. The biggest takeaway is that neither THC nor THC metabolite concentrations are consistent predictors […]

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Marijuana and Alcohol Combine to Affect Driving Performance

The February 5, 2021 issue of Psychopharmacology published data from a Canadian study assessing the effect of both THC and alcohol on driving performance. Regular users of cannabis participated in simulated driving sessions after smoking marijuana (12.5% THC) and drinking alcohol (target breath alcohol 0.08%). Researchers discovered the driving performance after ingesting both marijuana and […]

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