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THC Metabolite Concentration is Inconsistent Predictor of Impairment

Are blood or saliva concentrations of delta-9 THC metabolites predictive of impairment? That’s what a recent article in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews journal sought to determine. The article published data from a meta-regression analysis of 28 studies involving 824 participants. The biggest takeaway is that neither THC nor THC metabolite concentrations are consistent predictors […]

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Marijuana and Alcohol Combine to Affect Driving Performance

The February 5, 2021 issue of Psychopharmacology published data from a Canadian study assessing the effect of both THC and alcohol on driving performance. Regular users of cannabis participated in simulated driving sessions after smoking marijuana (12.5% THC) and drinking alcohol (target breath alcohol 0.08%). Researchers discovered the driving performance after ingesting both marijuana and […]

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THC Levels Do Not Predict Driving Impairment

The February 5, 2021 issue of Traffic Injury Prevention published results from an Australian study assessing the relationship between THC levels and driving performance.   Volunteers consumed vaporized cannabis samples of varying potencies containing THC, CBD and a placebo.  Blood and saliva samples were collected 30 minutes after inhalation and 3.5 hours later.  Researchers evaluated driving […]

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