Body Camera Footage Contradicts Officer’s Claim

West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  West Des Moines Police Department body camera footage contradicts officer’s claim in Operating While Intoxicated investigation.  In his report and during Department of Transportation hearing testimony, a West Des Moines Police Officer claimed that GRL Law’s client’s vehicle was running when he approached it as it was parked lawfully in a parking lot.  The officer’s body camera footage told a different story.  On camera the officer told his backup officer that he could not tell if the vehicle was running when he approached it. Both officers then proceeded to claim that the vehicle had been running.  As it turned out, GRL Law’s client had called a ride share to take him home but the officers also sent the ride share driver on his way.  The case was ultimately resolved with the later obtained breath test result being excluded and the charge being amended to a simple misdemeanor public intoxication offense.  Driving privileges were reinstated.