GRL Law and Oh Crap! App Get National Attention

Thanks to the hard work of GRL Law Junior partner, Scott Michels, GRL Law and the Oh Crap! App are getting national attention following the Iowa Court of Appeal’s reversal of GRL Law client’s OWI conviction in State v. Hermann.

Mr. Hermann called GRL Law through the Oh Crap! App after being arrested for Operating While Intoxicated..After being educated on his legal rights, Mr. Hermann requested an consultation with an individual who was on the way to the police station to meet with him. The arresting officer refused this request and in doing so violated Iowa’s law that allows an arrested person to consult in person with an attorney, family member, or both before making a decision regarding chemical testing. This violation ultimately resulted in Scott Michels successfully arguing to the Court of Appeals that the breath test result should be thrown out and Mr. Hermann’s conviction should be set aside.

This case has attracted national attention. From Seattle to Dallas, the story is being told how an Iowa man learned his rights through the Oh Crap App, got in contact with an on-call lawyer at GRL Law and ultimately ensured that the violation of his rights was vindicated. The story may have left out one of our partners, Cory Gourley, and misidentified Mr. Michels as being a “Junior Associate” but at least the story is being told. As we say at GRL Law it pays to Shut up, Wise up and Lawyer up.