NFG! Reasonable Doubt Driver Traveling 111 MPH in 65 Zone

There is something incredibly satisfying about beating a speeding ticket at trial.

Especially when the driver is facing a 310-day license suspension for 46 mph over the legal limit and you’ve tried everything possible to negotiate a resolution to avoid the suspension.

That’s what we faced when called to a bench trial recently in west central Iowa.  Our client paid the speeding ticket without knowing he would be suspended by the DOT.  Fortunately, we were able to get the conviction set aside.  That story is probably worth a blog post on its own!

But the State wouldn’t budge on the speed.

The traffic ticket attorneys at GRL Law threw everything at the defense.  Including no fewer than three possible constitutional violations involved with the citation.

But we couldn’t get it dismissed.

In the end, despite a locked-in radar reading of 111 mph and testimony by the trooper, we argued reasonable doubt.

And the magistrate agreed!  He found the driver guilty instead of traveling 80 mph in a 65, a speed to which he admitted traveling when confronted by the trooper at the roadside.

We’ll take it!  It avoids any suspension whatsoever.  And its less than what we offered to plead prior to trial.

I don’t know if the defense will be around for the next aggravated speeding case.  It will depend on the facts.  But if you or anyone you know was clocked at more than 95 mph, then you should contact GRL Law for a consultation.  We just may be able to avoid a suspension for you, too.