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NFG! Court Dismisses Speeding Violation Checked by Airplane Against CDL Driver

GRL Law wins another dismissal for an out-of-state CDL holder. During a recent CMV speeding interdiction program on Interstate 35, an Iowa State Patrol pilot locked in our driver’s speed at 78 mph from the air.  The posted speed limit was 70 mph. On cross-examination, we established the 400 foot metal tape used by the patrol to measure quarter-mile markings on the interstate was not traceable to NIST.  As a result, there was measurement uncertainty not accounted for in the speed calculation. More importantly, however, we also proved that the citation was not properly notarized. The Iowa Constitution requires that […]

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Don’t Pay an Overweight Truck Ticket Without First Consulting GRL

The CDL traffic ticket defense lawyers at GRL Law represent local and out-of-state drivers, trucking companies and owner-operators cited with overweight violations throughout the State of Iowa. When it comes to overweight axle or gross weight violations, you should always remember this Murphy’s Law:  Don’t pay the ticket without consulting GRL first. Overweight fines for single or tandem axles and gross weight violations are thousands of dollars per ticket.  Unpaid fines will result in the loss of your CDL privileges. If you simply pay the fine, then you waive your right to a jury trial and the matter is reported […]

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Consequences of Marijuana Possession in a Commercial Motor Vehicle

The drug defense attorneys at GRL have blogged before on the pitfalls of being stopped by police with marijuana in your personal vehicle.  Fortunately, Iowa no longer suspends your driving privileges for drug convictions. Does this mean you can keep personal use quantities in the sleeper area of a semi truck? In a word, no.  Not unless, of course, you are looking to have your CDL privileges disqualified for six months. That’s right. You will lose your privilege to drive a commercial motor vehicle if convicted of most simple possession offenses.   Marijuana, amphetamines or any narcotic drug will do the […]

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