Jury says “NOT GUILTY” of Forcible Rape Accusations

January 13, 2016 – Clarion, Wright County, Iowa. A Wright County jury returned a Not Guilty verdict for GRL Law’s client accused of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree. Client was accused of forcibly raping the complaining witness against her will. Inconsistent statements from the complaining witness, mishandled DNA evidence, and physical evidence that refuted the complaining witnesses’ claims resulted in the jury acquitting GRL Law’s client of all charges, including the lesser included offenses of Assault with the Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse and Simple Assault. Client was facing the a mandatory 10 year prison sentence and lifetime sex offender registration if convicted.

Below is a copy of one of the mishandled pieces of DNA evidence in this case. Basic forensic protocols require potential DNA evidence to be collected, packaged and stored securely in sturdy appropriate packaging. This was one of the items collected for potential DNA testing.