OWI and Eluding Charges Amended to Public Intoxication

Okoboji, Dickenson County, Iowa. Operating While Intoxicated, Leaving the Scene of and Accident, and Eluding Charges all resolved with a single plea to a Simple Misdemeanor, Public Intoxication offense after officer was held to have violated defendants right to phone calls.  Some cases start off looking like an insurmountable mountains but when the facts start being drawn out the mountain crumbles.  Here, GRL’s client facing the possibility of having his driving privileges revoked for an entire year without the possibility of a restricted license because of the Eluding allegation.  The officer’s videos refuted the Eluding charge as it was obvious that GRL’s client was not attempting to evade officers.  Most importantly the videos from the police station established that GRL’s client was not given a sufficient opportunity to attempt to contact an attorney before making a decision to submit to or refuse the breath test.  This resulted in GRL prevailing at the license suspension hearing and ultimately all the charges were resolved with but one charge, Public Intoxication.  Operating While Intoxicated charges avoided and driving privileges spared completely.