Simply the BEST

Words can not begin to explain my confidence in and gratitude for Mr. Rehkemper. My situation involved being charged with an DWI; however, it was a delicate situation due to events that followed and I had to have the absolute best attorney possible. Mr. Rehkemper took my phone call immediately and after meeting with him the next day we planned my case. Mr. Rehkemper was professional, brilliant and dedicated. I knew going into the "fight" that I was not guaranteed to win but he worked diligently to see that all evidence was presented, cases were referenced and that the facts were made known. Ultimately, I won my case with full suppression of all evidence. Not only did the officer not have legal reason to pull me over but denied me my rights. Mr. Rehkemper was very thorough in explaining the process to me and never once did I doubt his ability to handle my situation. My case need extra attention and he delivered! While in court I told him that if we won I would buy him a billboard. The email to me saying we had won had "billboard" in the subject line – needless to say, I OWE him far more than what I paid to have his expert defense. I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend Mr. Rehkemper and his staff. You may not always win but I guarantee you that if there is a way, Mr. Rehkemper will find it! You owe it to yourself to consult with him!