Vehicular Homicide Amended to Misdemeanor

Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County, Iowa.  GRL Law's client was facing a mandatory minimum 25 years in prison as a result of being accused of Vehicular Homicide by Operating While Intoxicated. 

The accusations were that GRL Law's client operated a vehicle with improper prescription drugs in her system resulting in a fatality accident on Interstate 80.  Extensive discovery revealed a number of challenges to the prosecution's case, especially surrounding the issue of whether or not it could be scientifically and medically proven that one of the medications was an actual cause of the accident.  The prosecutor showed courage, objectively evaluated the available evidence, and eventually agreed to amend the charges down to a misdemeanor while also agreeing that GRL Law's client should receive a deferred judgment.  The judge agreed and granted a deferred judgment with informal probation.

A civil lawsuit also arose out of the accident and GRL Law was able to ensure that the victim's family was properly compensated under the applicable insurance policys but that GRL Law's client did not have to personally pay any damages in the civil law suit.  GRL Law was able to secure a just resolution to a very difficult, unfortunate and tragic accident.