What does TBI mean?

TBI stands for traumatic brain injury. What a traumatic brain injury is, is it's a dysfunction in the brain that occurs as a result of a blow or a jolt to the head or the body. These types of physical injuries can have many different types of impacts on the brain, and correspondingly, many different types of symptoms, but the reason that they are so traumatic, the reason that they are so severe, is because the brain defines who we are as human beings. And a brain injury, it can change who you are. That is what makes these types of cases so complex. The fact that they are so complex necessitates having the absolute best legal team that is experienced and understands how to handle these types of cases. There could be an entire team of experts that have to analyze this from different aspects. And so you've got to have a legal team that can identify the issues and then get the appropriate people involved, because these are very, very complicated cases and the stakes are as high as it gets.