What to do after a car accident

When you're in a car accident there are a few things that the law requires that you do in Iowa and the very first thing is stop. In fact, depending on the level of the injuries involved in the accident it can be a felony if you leave the accident so the very first and most important advice is to stop.

Secondly, you're required to exchange information with the other driver. That can include driver's license information, insurance information, contact information, address, phone number that type of stuff. And it is also advisable that you call the police. If the police come, they can file a report, they can make sure that everybody is protected, and they can also do an investigation to make sure that the person who is responsible for the accident is identified.

If you don't call the police because no one is injured or it's a very minor accident you do have to file a report within 72 hours of the accident with the local law enforcement agency if someone's injured in the accident or if the damage exceeds $1,500.00. If the collision was called by someone else, you should contact an attorney to ensure that the result is the best result that is possible.