Case Dismissed!

I was charged with first offense OWI and assumed I didn't have a case. After meeting with Matt my outlook changed and for good reason. The first thing Matt did was file a stay with the DOT which reinstated my driving privileges while the court case went through the different stages. Matt kept me well informed and up to date throughout the entire process. He made a very strong and compelling argument to the court that my 4th Amendment rights had been violated during the traffic stop. Well the judge agreed and dismissed the case. Matt then immediately filed the necessary paperwork with the DOT to have my license reinstated without any fines or restrictions. At the end of the process it was as if we dialed back the clock to the day before I was pulled over. Matt was very professional, thorough and brought a successful outcome to my situation. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation pick up the phone and call Matt Lindholm. You'll be glad you did!